Golden Hills Community Services District

Our Mission: To provide the Golden Hills Community with a healthful, reliable water system; to support the inviting characteristics of our neighborhoods and natural beauty of our surroundings; and to strengthen our collaborative relationships with local and state governmental agencies.

District Priorities and Objectives

Due to unforeseen conflicts, we had to cancel last Saturday’s District planning meeting and schedule it for this Saturday at 9:am.  We are excited by the progress made to identify several key District priorities and objectives.  This Saturday’s meeting will begin to narrow in on the tasks at hand to accomplish these key objectives.  The…


Winterize Your Pipes!

WINTERIZE YOUR PIPES! Each winter provides risk of a “hard freeze” which requires planning by property owners to prevent costly water usage. You should conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify potential problems in your water system which could lead to broken pipes. Disconnect any outdoor water hoses. There is no need to…


Tips on how to winterize your home!

HOW TO WINTERIZE YOUR HOME Each winter, many homeowners face the expense and inconvenience of frozen water pipes. Pipes freeze and break. Water destroys ceilings, soaks carpet and flooring; ruins photos, electronics and creates a complete mess. WHY IS PIPE FREEZING A PROBLEM? Water expands as it freezes. This expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever…