January 7, 2019
Ever heard that the reason the rearview mirror is so small is to keep you focused on what is in front of, and not behind you? At the Golden Hills Community Services District (“District”), we agree! However, we also think it’s good to look back occasionally to see where you’ve been. Looking back through 2018, District staff has accomplished quite a lot to pave the way for the future. A few notable achievements include:
• Securing the expertise necessary to continue all water testing and reporting in-house.
• Welcoming a State Sanitation Survey with no reported deficiencies.
• The purchase and installation of a new SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to monitor and process real-time data related to the water system.
• Production from the Steuber Well project, beginning July 2018.
• A partnership with the Farmworker Institute for Education and Leadership Development that secured a $573,000 Off Highway Vehicle grant to secure access points and prevent unauthorized vehicle use of the Nature Park.
• The restructure of the District’s financial reporting.
• Testing of cellular technology for use in meter reading.
• Hosting the first annual “Ghoulden Hills” Trick or Treat event.
All of the items listed above correlate to a Goal or Objective previously determined by the Board of Directors.
Golden Hills Community Services District staff wish you a productive and prosperous new year.