Several customers have asked the following questions. We hope this information is helpful to our readers:
Q. Why is there only one trash hauler allowed in Golden Hills?
A. As part of its governing powers, Golden Hills CSD awards the trash hauling franchise within the Golden Hills boundaries. This is similar to the City of Tehachapi or the County of Kern, awarding trash hauling franchises in their respective boundaries.
Q. Why have there been two trash providers until now?
A. Torres was awarded a trash hauling contract five years ago, but their contract was not exclusive for the first five years. Effective June 24, 2018, Torres will have an exclusive trash hauling franchise, and will be the only trash hauler allowed to operate in Golden Hills.
Q. Can I take my trash to the dump?
A. You have always been able to take your trash to the dump. That will not change when Torres becomes the exclusive trash hauling franchise on June 24, 2018. Golden Hills has not, and does not now, require that every resident have curb side trash pickup.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office at 661-822-3064.