Ever wonder why, after you report a leak, it seems to take weeks for the District to respond with a fix?  Here’s a closer look at the process after a leak is reported:

  1. Staff requests an Underground Service Alert (USA) for the location where the digging will occur to repair the leak. Once the request is made, all utilities (street lighting, electric, traffic signals, gas, telephone, cable, television, water, sewer, etc.) must mark their respective utility in affected area.
  2. At the same time, staff requests a Road Encroachment Permit from the County of Kern. The permit application indicates the reason for the permit and location of the work.
  3. Once the permit is issued by the County, the repair work can begin. Generally speaking, it can take up to three weeks to receive the permit from the County and schedule the necessary work.  (Note, the County is waiting for completion of the USA process before the permit is issued.)

Unlike other types of service requests, repair work is not always done on a “first reported first fixed” timeline.  Once the permit is received, but before work begins, staff prioritizes the reported leaks on a daily basis to determine the order of repair.  While the District appreciates the order in which leaks are reported, repairs cannot always occur in the order received.  An example of a higher priority fix would be repair to an eight-inch main line, which is different than repair to an individual service line coming off the main line.  During the peak usage months, it is not unusual to have up to 20-25 leaks to repair at any given time, and can take up to 10 hours of work for each repair.

The District maintains over 67 miles of piping infrastructure to supply water to the residents of Golden Hills.  Much of this infrastructure is well over 50-years old.  One last thing to consider – when fixing leaks, the District no longer performs “patch” fixes; instead, longer, more complete sections of the line are replaced to prevent repeated repair work on the same sections of service line.  Doing so may take longer and cost slightly more, but provides for a more efficient and longer-term fix to the leaking problem.

Thank you for your patience as the District staff works diligently to repair all leaks as quickly as possible.

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